vendredi 12 mars 2010

Les Carabins brillent au NIC à Toronto

Un ami du blogue Kent Ridley de Ridley Scouting est à Toronto actuellement et il a assisté à la combine du Mike Gough & de Duane Ford. Nous lui avons demandé son appréciation des Carabins pendant cette journée. Voici son résumé:

Well represented at the NIC the Carabins showed well in all regards. Players got to bring their own gear for the one-on-one drills so in some cases the player's identity was lost when multiples from a school participated. One of the Carabin DBs was likely glad of this after being beaten a couple times. Both DBs ran well with Jean-Gardy Clermont posting the better numbers. Marc DeLuca posted a good fullback time in the 40 but missed him in his positional work. A very thick looking Kevin Rivet broke out the golden shoes for the 40 yard dash and posted two times in the 4.6's. Marc-Olivier Brouillette was originally scheduled as a receiver/athlete but did all of the QB passing drills. Ran a pair of really good runs in the 40 and the rumour of the combine going around the University of Toronto bubble was that he put up 35 reps in the bench press. More details to follow when the results are posted.
À moins qu'on nous le demande, on vous laisse le texte original pour ne rien perdre dans la traduction. Alors bravo à nos Bleus de faire si bonne figure. Et pour avoir vu les souliers de Kevin lors du pro day, ils étaient spectaculaire dans leur fluorité!!!

Évidemment, on remercie M. Ridley de son inestimable collaboration...
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